Ranking is a master game: YSRCP

 YSR Congress has said
that ranking system is a master game TDP high command. It was only to divert
the attention of the people and the true ranking would be given by the people
and dared the ruling party to answer the 100 point questionnaire to introspect
its true performance.

“Chandrababu Naidu has been very familiar with such gimmickry
when the image of the government is at a low ebb and the survey, purported to
be government sponsored, giving Denduluru MLA Ch Prabhakar, accused in the
attack on a lady officer case, a better rank than that of Chief Minister makes
the intentions clear and 131st rank
to YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is the height of absurdity,’ party spokesperson Ambati
Rambabu told reporters on Tuesday.

The survey and ranking coming at a time when the image of the
State Government is sinking very fast with fiasco after fiasco, failure after
failure highlighting the malfunctioning only shows that it is a damage control
exercise which has no potential to yield results and is only eyewash.

To cover up these and many more, the survey and rankings were
released only as a cover up bid but the true survey would be given by the
people and TDP should answer the 100 questions posed by our Party to get an air
of its ranking,’ he said.

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