Purchase Of MLAs With Hundreds Of Crores Of Rupees

New Delhi: YSRCP brought to the notice of the centre that the ruling party in Andhra Pradesh was buying opposition MLAs spending hundreds of crores of rupees and that the speaker, being a leader from TDP himself, was staying indifferent to the issue in spite of receiving complaint. YSR Congress Parliamentary Party leader Mekapati Rajamohan Reddy spoke about the issue in Loksabha. He stated that YSRCP extended complete support to the budget but opposed the defection of representatives from the party they were elected from.
Mekapati suggested that the unethical act of party defection without resignation was to be fought against in order to prevent it from becoming a mockery of democracy. He supposed that the laws made in the houses should not be ruined by the members of the houses themselves. Mekapati informed that TDP was stable in the assembly of AP, having 108 out of the total of 175 members. YSRCP had 67 members. Still the Government was snatching each MLA of opposition party a day. Mekapati revealed that 17 of YSRCP MLAs had already been unethically made to migrate to TDP by spending hudreds of crores of rupees.

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