Probe Sought Into Encounter Deaths

Hyderabad, Oct 28: YSR Congress has demanded that the TDP Government should order an inquiry into the encounter in the Andhra-Odisha border in wake of the doubts being raised from various quarters on the veracity of the official version on the deaths.

‘We condemn violence of any sort but there have been disturbing reports on the encounter that took place in the border area for two days in which Maoists and police also have lost lives. The government has not come up with its version till date which cannot be comprehended,’ party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma told reporters here on Friday. 

The incident was reported on two consecutive days, Monday and Tuesday, with varying number of deaths of Maoists and the cause of death. One police personnel was also killed and another injured in the shoot-out, reports said but there were many doubts raised by various organizations while the DGP has been maintaining that it was genuine encounter and not a fake one. 

In that case we demand that an inquiry should be ordered by a neutral agency to bring out the facts. We do not subscribe to violence from either side, she said.
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