Polavaram take-over with mala fide intentions

Hyderabad: Reiterating that Chandrababu Naidu government has been creating confusion over Polavaram project with mala fide intentions for it personal reasons, YSR Congress has demanded an all party delegation should be taken to Delhi seeking the Centre to take over the project.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday Party MLA and PAC Chairman Buggana Rajendendranath Reddy said,  the State government has been creating confusion with mala fide intentions of kickbacks as it took over the Polavaram project from the Centre.

There was no reason as to why the Project should be taken over as it was included in the State Reorganisation Act and also the Union Cabinet has resolved to bear the cost of the project way back 2014 even before the state was divided.

Instead of pursuing with the Centre to clear the project, Chandrababu Naidu has waited for two precious full years and never uttered a word on it and after settling for the special package did the Polavaram issue came up.

All the time, Pattiseema was promoted in parallel to Polavaram and was completed in a tearing hurry though the purpose was not served to the intended purpose and money went down the drain. The same amount would have been brought Polavaram to near completion but the intentions of Chandrababu Naidu were different and the priorities were to appease the contractors, he said.

Why was the project taken over from Centre and why the State has been going back again and now singing the tune of returning the project is not clear and the cost has gone up from Rs 16,000 crores in 2014 to Rs Rs 58,000 crores and who would be paying the difference but for the people of the state, thereby increasing the per capita debt.

Lots of publicity has been given and the number of visits by Chandrababu Naidu and his irrigation minister has been hogging the headlines though the actual works were not moving at all. In October, the earth works and concreting stand at a naught which shows the pace of the work.

On the overall scale, the structural work was just 11 % while others are still pathetic and Chandrababu Naidu seems to be perfected the art of building temporary structures even in capital city where the buildings cannot the stand rain or shine besides mastering the art of publicity and whenever his moves draw a flak, he resorts to some trick or the other including the declaration of assets which is a sham, he said.

Every Monday to Polavaram is the new slogan coined by the State which shows the absurdity as previous Chief Ministers, despite the lack of modern technology of telecommunications and advanced machinery could build dams which are concrete even today,’ he said.

‘What is needed is not a weekly visit to Polavaram but to take an all Party delegation to Delhi and convince the Centre to take back the project as was originally envisaged in the State Reorganisation Act, he said.
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