Please Develop The Government Hospital

Kurnool: YSRCP MP Butta Renuka requested Poonam Malakondaiah, the Principal Secretary of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, to develop Kurnool medical college and Kurnool Government general hospital to reach the level of RIMS and TIMS. She met Malakondaiah at AP secretariat and revealed to her the problems of Kurnool hospital and medical college. She also discussed the needs of Adoni area hospital like sanction of funds for renovation, refilling of staff nurses' posts and supply of medicines.
Renuka requested for development of medical college hospital of Kurnool with Rs.250 crore funds and to send proposals to the central Government under PMSSY programme. She explained that she had already taken these proposals to the notice of the central Government. She stated that she had invited PM Narendra Modi to the diamond jubilee celebrations of Kurnool medical college.

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