People’s support sought for Sharmila's yatra


YSR Congress Party
honourary president Smt. Y. S. Vijayamma today made an emotional appeal to the
people of the state to bless her daughter Sharmila and support her Maro Praja
Prasthanam Padayatra.

Addressing a mammoth
crowd gathered at the YSR Ghat at Idupulapaya ahead of Sharmila’s Maro Praja
Prasthanam on Thursday, Vijayamma said Sharmila opted to lead the Padayatra in
the absence of Jagan who could not complete his Odarpu Yatra after the death of

Explaining that the
Padayatra is only meant to understand people’s problems and assure the people
that YSR Congress party would bring the welfare schemes back, Vijayamma said
Sharmila will walk the 3000 km from Idupulapaya to Icchapuram crisscrossing
several districts and interacting with people of all sections.

“I am sending Sharmila
through this Padayatra to you to assure that the YSR Congress party is with
you, with the masses and the poor. I am seeking your blessings and support for
Sharmila during her Praja Prasthanam,” Vijayamma told the crowd with an
emotional tone.

Vijayamma told the sea
of humanity that the Padayatra is aimed at exposing the failures of the Kiran
Kumar Reddy Government which had diluted the plethora of welfare schemes
introduced by the late YSR.

lambasts TDP and Naidu

As the crowd kept
cheering her occasionally, Vijayamma slammed TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu saying
that Naidu is not sincere in his Padayatra. “Naidu never kept his promises in
the past and now also he is not sincere about his promises during the
Padayatra,” she said.

Naidu is making a slew
of promises assuring people that he will order waiver of loans, supply of more
subsidized gas cylinders and Arogya Sri for all. “Has he ever introduced these
schemes and talked of these schemes?” Vijayamma questioned and asked people not
to believe his promises.

(Updated on Oct 18,2012)

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