People will not pardon Kiran and Naidu: YSRCP

Hyderabad, Feb 19, 2014: Calling the former CM Kiran Kumar Reddy and
Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu betrayers of the six crore Seemandhra
Telugu people, YSRCP said on Wednesday that the 50 lakh people of Chittoor
district have hung their heads in shame for the catalyst role of the two
leaders in the bifurcation process.

Addressing a press meet at the party headquarters here, Tirupati MLA
Bhumana Karunakara Reddy said that while Kiran Kumar worked as the agent and
stooge of Sonia and suppressed the Seemandhra employees’ agitation to help
division process, Naidu encouraged the MLAs and MPs of the two regions of his
party to enact political dramas in the name of equal justice.

“These two have turned betrayers of Seemandhra people and cut their
throats. Kiran posed as if he is a Samaikya Simham but ultimately ended up as a
division donkey. Naidu, who has enacted political dramas in the name of equal
justice, has turned out to be a political buffoon and cheat,” Karunakara Reddy

Both of them will bite the political dust in the next elections as
people will reject and kick them out, he said.

Describing the resignation of Kiran as an enactment of the Congress
script, he said Kiran should have quit long ago and created a political crisis
in the state to stop the division.” If he had resigned immediately after the
CWC decision, this situation would not have arisen,” Bhumana said, adding that
he continued in the CM post all these days to sign files and make money.

Bhumana stated that Chandrababu never talked of the problems that would
inflict Seemandhra in case of division but continued to enact dramas with his
MPs and MLAs. “Kiran and Naidu feared that YSRCP President Sri Y.S. Jagan Mohan
Reddy would remain as the sole crusader of Samaikyandhra. Hence both of them
enacted dramas and played the role of catalysts helping Sonia in the division
process,” he said and added: ‘People will not pardon Kiran Kumar Reddy and

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