The People Are Always With YS Jagan

Puttur (Chittoor district): President of Chittoor district YSRCP and MLA of Gangadhara Nellore constituency K Narayana Swamy opined that only the selfish were defecting YSR Congress party and stated that the party was not going to lose anything from the migration of such people. He spoke to the media at Puttur of Chittoor district. He confided that the people of the state were with the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan.

Narayana Swamy complained that all the defectors of YSRCP had taken the decision only due to their greed for money and added that Mysoora Reddy was just one of them. He criticised that the party defection of Mysoora Reddy was in view of protecting his properties. He commented that Mysoora's past would reveal his love towards power rather than towards people. Narayana Swamy reminded that Mysoora had himself joined YSRCP before elections in hope that the party would be ruling. He condemned my Mysoora's calling YS Jagan a man of money.
Narayana Swamy predicted that the leaders lured by Chandrababu would not be honoured. He commented that Chandrababu had been plotting political conspiracies like undemocratically buying opposition MLAs only to divert the attention of people from his failure. He told that the people would soon handover the power to YS Jagan.
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