Paritala Family Is Trying To Kill Me

Ananthapuram: YSRCP coordinator of
Raptadu constituency, Topudurthi Prakash Reddy complained that Paritala family
had been conspiring to get him killed. He revealed that the allies of the
family had attacked him at the local Government hospital. He reminded that the
gunmen he had, had been withdrawn as soon as TDP Government had come into

Prakash Reddy expressed concern regarding the
threat he had from the family of the minister of Civil Supplies, Paritala

YSRCP leader Topudurthi Chandu commented
that the Paritala family could not digest the joining of TDP leaders of Raptadu
in YSRCP, hence was ordering for attacks on YSRCP leaders and activists. He
slammed the indifference shown by the police towards these attacks, owing to
their obedience to the ruling party leaders. 

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