Not even the appearance of contrition is seen in the face ..!

Guntur: If a man suffers and dies
before eyes, it causes severe pain. If a college student, who is seen daily
before your eyes moving happily, since many days, loses her life committing a
suicide, how much pain it causes?

The same questions
were asked to the Principal of the Nagarjuna University College of Architecture
  of Guntur, when he appeared before legal cell
in Guntur. It was made clear that raging, harassment in the name of love were
the main causes of her suicide. Based on the news from the newspapers and the
investigation, the case has been prosecuted taking it as sumoto. The culprit
and the abused Principal of the Nagarjuna College of Architecture, Baburao
appeared before law. The body language and facial expressions of his was no way

He remained inhuman
without any feelings in his face when a student died before his eyes committing
suicide. Among the lawyers, few women could not tolerate the principals
behaviour and took it forward to the Judge. Considering their views, even the
Judge commented that he is not even showing his grief even in the appearance of
contrition in his face. By this, the attitude of the Principal is well known.

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