Not coming to see as it is Pulivendula?..!

Are you not able to see the suicides ..!

Feedback launches eyes open ..!

Pulivendula: The leader of Opposition in AP is constantly been in the midst of the people and finding about their wear about. As a part of it, he consoled the family members of the farmer, Raja Sekhar who committed suicide, belonging to Pulivendula Mandal. YS Jagan provided assurance and consoled the family. Speaking in this case, he rebuked the fire on the government.

The Grameen Bank has not waived a debt of Rs one lakh and loan in DWCRA has not been waived.  After going for bores and being under debts, still no one cares. Due to this, the farmer Rajasekhar consumed pesticide and died. It was almost 18 days from now and not even one officer has come to his place and visited. Looking at the desperate situation, YS Jagan fired on the government. He questioned the government, “Is he not seen as a farmer by you? Or are you not coming to see as he belongs to Pulivendula?

What is the government doing? Why is it not bothered about farmers?  Why is the government not coming forward to assure farmers?  YS Jagan questioned.  Jagan stated that, he visited 46 families of victims in Anantapur district, but nowhere he could find any officer taking care about these incidents. He commented that Naidu is not interested to support farmers. Jagan stated that he would bring pressure on the government to take care of these things. He stated that at least now, Naidu has to open his eyes and look into the problems faced by farmers.

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