Naidu should revoke letter on division

Ravulapalem (East Godavari
dist), Sept 14, 2013: Demanding the withdrawal of unconditional support TDP has
accorded for the division of the State, YSR Congress has said that N
Chandrababu Naidu has no reason to visit Delhi unless he changes his stand and
comes in support of a united state.

“Three Parties, YSRCP, MIM and
CPI (M) have opposed the division of the State and TDP should join this group
that is against the bifurcation. TDP leader N Chandrababu Naidu along with his
MPS, MLAs and MLCs should quit their posts and join the Samaikhyandhra
movement,” Sharmila said while addressing a public meeting as part of the
Samaikhya Shankaravam here on Friday.

Holding Naidu responsible
person for the division of the State, as his letter giving the unconditional
support for Telangana has emboldened Congress, Sharmila said, it is time for
him to undo the damage by submitting resignations and join the three parties
that are favouring a united state.

Unless he withdraws, his letter
given to the Centre and he quits his post along with other members of the Party
there is no credibility for his Delhi trip. When he is in total agreement with
Delhi on the division process where is the need for him to meet the President
and Prime Minister on the State affairs, she questioned.

He is known for such antics
whenever YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s case come to a conclusive stage, as the past
records makes it very clear, she said and demanded that Naidu should make it
clear as to why he is going Delhi when he is in total agreement with the CWC
decision of splitting the State.

Five Parties have agreed for
the division including TDP and the majority of the Telugu people are protesting
against the decision in Seemandhra. Without expressing support to Seemandhra
and revoking his decision of supporting Telangana, if Naidu is going to Delhi
it speaks of a larger game plan. Delhi has earlier said that the TDP leader is
in touch with top leaders of Congress.

“We demand that he should
announce as to why he is going Delhi and meeting the President and Prime
Minister,” she said.

Congress leaders are
subservient to Delhi durbar and the chief minister has maintained silence
though he was aware of the gross injustice to be meted out to Seemandhra. The
state is being divided into two without working out the logistics as Congress
has only political reasons under consideration and wanted to see Rahul Gandhi
as Prime Minister.

Seemandhra will become a desert
if the state is divided as water will become a scarce commodity and Krishna
river water has to come to the new state after the needs of Maharashtra,
Karnataka and the new state are fulfilled.

Capital city is another
contentious issue that has to be addressed. TDP leader had the audacity to fix
a price of 5 lakh crores to Hyderabad, which was it's first reaction after
Delhi announced the decision to bifurcate the State, but capital issue is not
an easy one to resolve, she said.

YSRCP has been in the forefront
in taking up public issues and has been with the people while Congress and TDP
are after power and put political gains ahead of public interests. They have
conspired to keep YS Jagan Mohan Reddy away from the people but the dawn has to
break and Jagan will come out to lead the Party and bring in a welfare state,
she said.

Earlier, she recalled the
regime of YSR where welfare was given top priority. All development activities
were carried out without imposing any new taxes or increasing fares or tariffs.
After his death, Congress has reversed all his welfare schemes and has been
imposing taxes and increasing bus, power, gas and other fares manifold, she

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