Mayor Position Should Be Ours

  • Resistance towards Babu from people
  • Gadapagadapaku brought the party close to the people
  • MP Vijaya Sai Redy inspires party cadre with his speech
  • MP busy in Visakhapanam
Visakhapatnam: YSRCP's member of Rajya Sabha, Vijaya Sai Reddy, spoke at a party ceremony at Visakhapatnam and inspired the party's cadre to work hard to get the mayor's position in YSRCP's bag.
In the evening, he participated in the meeting held on the occasion of completion of 100 days of Gadapagadapaku YSR Congress programme at Kasturi Nagar in the 35th ward of North constituency. He cut the special cake prepared for the occasion and then attended the same ceremony conducted at Kotthapalem of West constituency. Appreciating YSRCP leaders and activists for conducting the programme successfully, he called for the same spirit and enthusiasm to be continued in the days to come. Stating that YSRCP had grown close to people, he reminded that it was the ambition of YS Jagan as well.

Vijaya Sai Reddy remarked on this occasion that resistance was growing among people against TDP, citing it as the reason for why Chandrababu was scared if GVMC elections. He appealed to the party cadre for putting efforts in such a way that mayor position was the party's.
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