Leader of the scamsters

  • Purchased land: 3600 acres
  • Cost price: Rs.432 crore
  • Present value: Rs.14,400 crore
  •  Municipal Administration & Urban Development Minister of AP P.Narayana leads the line of scamsters. Playing a pivotal role in land acquisition scenario, he managed to buy 3600 of acres of land around the capital area with binami names at meager costs. A senior IAS officer informed ‘Sakshi’ that minister P.Narayana would receive 400 acres of land in the form of residential and commercial plots in the same area.

     Purchase of 3600 acres

    As part of land acquisition minister Narayana stayed in all the 29 villages in the capital area, toured there and held meetings. Then he inquired about the farmers who owned assigned lands and their economic status from TDP sarpanchs, MPTCs and ZPTCs. By spreading news that the Government would snatch lands without giving any compensation, he succeeded in raising concern among farmers. He then made negotiations with them through his followers and bought their lands for price as low as Rs.10 lakh to Rs.15 lakh. He paid Rs.2 lakh as advance to those farmers and secretly prepared agreements with his binami’s names.

    In the light of the recent permission from Babu to acquire lanka and assigned lands and attempts to the grant of selling rights to the purchasers, he completed the purchase transaction. He changed GPA (General Power of Attorney) from the names of those farmers to his binamis. Ultimately minister Narayana procured 3600 acres of land in the capital area, stated a senior IAS officer who had closely supervised the land acquisition procedure.

     400 acres area in a single place is guaranteed

    Borupalem of Tullur mandal doesn’t fall under the land pooling area. So Narayana laid his eyes on the assigned lands of that village and bought 50 acres of land in Borupalem alone. In Rayapudi lanka of Tullur mandal, various survey numbers between 250 to 400, he bought 50 more acres. Farmers Tokala Peturu, Tokala Ankulu, Mondem Nageswara Rao,   Mondem Koteswara Rao, Bulleddula Chinnappa, Valaparla Ramaiah, laladi Adeyya and Laladi Sundara Rao of Borupalem and Rayapudi villages stated to ‘Sakshi’ that they had sold their lands to minister Narayana and handed over all the concerned documents to his people.

    Minister Narayana is behind the issue of orders by the Government stating that applications requesting for the allocation of commercial and residential plots in the same area would be granted irrespective of the location of the lands in the capital area, after the land acquisition is over. This means allocation of residential and commercial plots in the same area of 400 acres for minister Narayana is guaranteed.


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