Leader of Opposition YS Jagan Roars

Hyderabad: Democracy was insulted once again in the assembly. Announcing the suspension of the regulations regarding the No Confidence Motion against the speaker, the related notice was taken up right away. Leader of opposition YS Jagan spoke protesting against this.

 YS Jagan exclaimed that it was obvious that the ruling party had plotted this conspiracy in view of saving the MLAs that had newly migrated to their party from disqualification. He supposed that it was shameful of TDP to snatch the MLAs who had won with other parties’ sign and B forms, decoying them with corrupt money. YS Jagan commented that the Government was facing trouble saving the defected MLAs.

 According to regulations, date of debate was to be finalized after 14 days of submission of the notice of No Confidence Motion. Once the date was decided, information had to be given 4 days prior to it to allow time to issue whip, stated YS Jagan. On the contrary, no time was given for the issue of whip. They made it easy for them to say the members were not reachable, to let them escape the voting. With acts like this, the meaning of democracy was being degraded, commented YS Jagan.

 He expressed his agony by saying no rules would be left if all of them went on being suspended one after the other. He questioned the morality behind suspending all the rules just backed by the advantage of strength.  YS Jagan illustrated 2 qualities of leaders on this occasion. He remarked that a leader should have character and credibility and that Chandrababu had neither of these. While he was commenting that Chandrababu’s character was proved by the backstabbing he had done to his father-in-law NTR, speaker Kodela Siva Prasad Rao turned his microphone off.

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