Jala Deeksha begins on a fiery note

Kurnool, May 16: YS Jagan Mohan Reddy’s Jala Deeksha began of a fiery note when he served a warning stating that the prophecy of future wars would be fought for water will become a reality if KCR continues his dictatorial attitude in plugging our share of water from his advantageous upstream position and drawing water indiscriminately.

Addressing a massive gathering at the Jaladeeksha Pranganam on the inaugural day of the three day Deeksha, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy here on Monday he said; ‘ KCR government has been indiscriminately drawing water from Krishna and Godavari rivers through lift irrigation depriving Andhra Pradesh of its share, while Chandrababu Naidu has been dumb and deaf and it is time to take up the issue with the right earnest and all Telugu speaking people should join hands and get the rightful share from upper riparian states of Karnataka and Maharashtra on the first count and the division of water shares between Andhra Pradesh and Telangana was not done by any Authority.

Unmindful of the plight of lower riparian state, Telangana government has been going ahead with its irrigation projects many of them have no permission, on Krishna and Godavari rivers as they flow from that state in to Andhra Pradesh thereby squeezing our water resources which would turn the state into a desert.

Chandrababu Naidu has surrendered and never dares to question KCR and the people of the state have to join hands and fight for the rightful share among the four states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

Tensions that run along the line of control are likely to replicate along state borders on water disputes and the prophecy of Veera brahmendra swamy that the future wars will be fought for water would come true if corrective measures are not taken up now, the Leader of Opposition said.

KCR’s contention that Telangana should get  900 TMC of the 1480 TMC of water to the united Andhra Pradesh has no basis and is not a written law and it should be contested as the lower state of Andhra Pradesh will be parched for water, he said.

Giving a detail view of the projects on Krishna and Godavari, he said projects were built on Krishna River to store 1750 TMC of water while unofficially nearly 3,000 TMC of water is being stored of which Maharashtra and Karnataka account for 1,300 TMC. Water flows only after the needs of the two upper riparian states including Alamatti and Narayanpur are fulfilled.

In the present scenario, Telangana government has been plugging the Krishna water at Mahbubnagar itself by drawing 120 TMC of water through Palamuru-Ranga Redy and Dindi lift irrigation projects and Chandrababu Naidu has no guts to raise the issue.

Earlier, it was the height of Kalwakurthi project which was increased from 25 TMC to 40 TMC and Chandrababu Naidu never raised the issue and asks his Telangana counterpart as to why he has been drawing 30,000 cusecs per day.

Unless the reservoir level of 854 feet is maintained at Srisailam, Rayalaseema will not get water but KCR has marked the intake point at 800 feet and has been drawing water indiscriminately and there is no one to question him.

From Srisailam to Nagarjunasagar then to Krishna delta flows the water but the with indiscriminate drawing of water in Telangana state the four districts of Rayalaseem along with Nellore Prakasam, Guntur and Krishan along with Nalgond and Khammam are also at a severe loss and Chandrababu Naidu has courage and words to stop this exercise.

Even in the past, Chandrababu Naidu has shown his true colours by reducing the draw-down line at Srisailam and it was only after YSR had come to power that the 854 feet was re-fixed as the limit. If Rayalaseema should get water, the minimum level to be maintained at Srisailam should be kept at 854 feet. This cannot be possible if KCR continues his pursuit by drawing water keeping the intake point at 800 feet and these projects do not have any permission.

We can firmly state that the projects being pursue by Telangana government has no permission as the State Reorgansiation Act mentions of only Hundri-Neeva, Telugu Ganga, Galeru-Nagari, Veligonda, Kalwakurthi and Nettampadu projects.

There is no mention of Palamuru-Ranga Reddy or Dindi projects. The State Reorganisation Act clearly mentions that any new project should have the clearance of Central Water Commission (CWC), concerned River Boards and the Apex Council.

KCR citing a very old letter of asking for a feasibility reports does not permit Telangana to build the projects and draw waters indiscriminately, he said.

When it comes to Godavari, Kaleswaram, Devadual, Tupakulagudem, Sitarampur, Baktaramdasu lift irrigation projects are coming up and there is no resistance from Chandrababu Naidu.

A study of water level at Godavari states that water is available from June to mid October and later it starts receding fast and if KCR starts drawing more and more water upstream, acute water shortage is in store, he said.

In 2011 we held a dharna with 26 MLA against the Brijesh Kumar Tribunal and demanded that the water sharing should be equal and every drop should be accounted for.

‘It is time that we unite and fight for the equal sharing of water and in the course the KCR and Chandrababu Naidu should also join and get our share from Maharashtra and Karnataka and the water should be distributed evenly and there should be review meetings periodically,’ he said.

The Telangana government should consider the plight of the lower state of Andhra Pradesh and stop illegal drawing of waters taking advantage of his geographic location. (EOM)

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