Jagan promises to usher in YSR golden era

Prodduturu (YSR Kadapa
Dist), April 18, 2014: Expressing concern over the degeneration of political values,
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to the people to show the same affection they
had shown to him and his family and promised to bring back the golden era of
YSR which will benefit all sections of society.

Striking and emotional
chord, he said: “Being a native of this land you have seen me from my childhood
and have blessed me and my family. You have returned me with a whopping
majority of 5.5 lakhs to the Parliament and this time vote for YSRCP fan symbol
and I will return as a Chief Minister to ring in the golden period of YSR
during which all sections of the people will be happy.”

The political system has
degenerated badly and people are not averse to remove the adversary from the
arena and will go to any extent for the sake of votes and seats. They will
promise anything and everything without considering the feasibility but
single-mindedly think in terms of just wining seats. We have to change this
system, he said addressing a large gathering her on Friday.

“YSR has taken the name of
the district to great heights and placed it on the national and international
map by being the model chief minister. There were chief ministers before and
after but still he is remembered even five years after his death as he has
shown concern for the poor.

I know the local problems
and a vote for YSRCP will be an answer to all of them,” he said and introduced
the Parliament and assembly candidates and sought votes for the fan symbol.

TDP leader N Chandrababu
naidu has been touring the state telling lies and promising impossible schemes.
Unlike him, I have credibility and our family is known for its credibility and
keeping up the promises.

“I will keep my word, come
what may and my governance will be transparent and you will know what I am
doing and what I will do,” he said and appealed to the people, who in large
numbers braving the scorching heat, to vote for fan symbol and popularize it.


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