Illegal arrests of DSC candidates:

vijayawada: Naidu is following dictator rule in the State. The legal demands of the protesters were considered in a wrong direction and police are provoked to arrest the protesters illegally. In the recent scenario police have shown their power on the Anganwadi members  cruelly and arrested them while in the present situation the same power is again reused on the DSC candidates.


The 2014 DSC candidates expressed their concern near Vijayawada CM camp office and demanded that postings should be given instantly.  During this situation, the police has stopped them forcibly and pushed the protesters into the vans and arrested them illegally which lead to a tension situation.


The applicants expressed their frustration for not allotting posts in relation to the DSC exams conducted by AP government in 2014 and results obtained for recruitment's. The angry participants of DSC 2014 and DYFI under the guidance of the Committee conducted a rally followed by hundreds of people and carried protests.


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