Govt has abdicated public welfare: Sharmila

Kasibugga (Srikakulam
Dt):  Aug 2, 2013: Coming down heavily on
Kiran Kumar Reddy-led Congress Government for neglecting the YSR-introduced 108
Ambulance services, Smt. Y.S. Sharmila charged the Government of throwing away
the public health to the winds.

Smt. Sharmila was
addressing people after inspecting the abandoned 108 vehicles parked in a
roadside shed at Chinadabam village in Palasa assembly constituency of
Srikakulam district on Thursday.

“If this is the
situation in the constituency of the health minister Kondru Murali, we can
imagine the plight of the health services across the state,” she said after
listening to the complaints of the villagers.

The villagers told her
that three out of the four 108 Ambulance vehicles in the constituency were
abandoned and lying idle as no one took up their repairs. She said it is
atrocious on part of the state Government to have watered down the Arogya Sri
Scheme and the 108 Ambulance services.

It is unfortunate that
the welfare schemes introduced by Dr. YSR have been diluted by the present
Government which has no concern for the people.

The 108 staff, who met
Smt. Sharmila, complained that their demands for timely payment of salaries and
introducing the 8-hour working day have gone unheard by the management and
Government. “Rather, we are being implicated in cases as we are on strike,”
they told her.



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