Government’s ignorance – farmer commits suicide:

Krishna District: A farmer named Basavayya, allegedly committed suicide in Ramannapeta village in Krishna district. The YSRCP leader Goutam Reddy consoled the family of Basavayya. From  past three years the crop being lost, unable to clear the dues as the cotton crop did not yield, the farmer was frustrated and these circumstances forced him to take the extreme step, said Goutam Reddy.  

Naidu betrayed the farmers for not keeping his promises which is leading to farmers to commit suicides forcibly. Goutam Reddy emphasized that overall  there are 20 to 25 lakhs of farmers who take farms under lease and raise crops, however, no one will take care about them. With the bread earning family member being lost, the family with three sons is left to a desperate situation, said Goutam Reddy and demanded that the family should be taken care by the government. 
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