The Government Is Vengeful Towards SCs And STs

  • Walk out in protest against the injustice being donw to SCs and STs
  • YSRCP MLAs slam the Government's treatment of the communities
AP Assembly: Informing that YSRCP MLAs had walked out of the assembly in protest against the injustice being done to SCs and STs in the state, MLA Koramutla Srinivasulu, revealed about the discussion that had happened in the assembly, as he spoke to the media at assembly media point.
He stated that they had questioned the Government during the question hour of the session about Galeru-Nagari project, why the Government had not allotted funds to the project in the past 3 years to complete the remaining 20% of the work while former CM, Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy had done 80% of it with Rs.4000 crore expenditure.
Srinivasulu slammed the Government for bulldozing when the leader of opposition, YS Jagan, had tried to speak regarding the project. He also mentioned that the Government had evaded answering about supplying 50 units of power to SC and ST families. He criticised limitation of the 50 units scheme to only 8 lakh families, while 15 lakh SC and ST families deserved to be benefited by it. He said that they had walked out in protest against the high power bills being imposed to SCs and STs and demanded justice to the communities.

Vengeance towards SCs and STs for not voting for TDP: MLA Narayana Swamy
MLA Narayana Swamy criticised that TDP Government was acting vengefully towards people of SC and ST communities for not voting for the party. Speaking to the media at the assembly media point, he mentioned TDP leaders' calling assembly a holy abode and proclaiming the importance of uttering the truth in the place, he commented that the ruling party leaders were uttering many lies about SC-ST sub-plan and provision of 50 units of free electricity to the communities.
Stating that a house built 3 years back in Edurukuppam mandal of GD Nellore constituency had not been given power supply until now despite complaning to MRO and MPDO, he remarked that it was only due to the Government's vengeance to SC and ST communities. He also mentioned how people of SC colonies were being attacked frequently and false cases were being filed against them.
Narayana Swamy mentioned how TDP people had denied to lease their houses to SC people because they had not voted for them. Taking the mention of TDP's plan to build 125 feet statue of Lord Buddha, he asked the Government how many houses they had built for poor people in the past 3 years.
He acclaimed former CM Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy for treating people of all communities impartially and YS Jagan for continuing the culture through YSRCP.
He also slammed Chandrababu for buying MLAs from YSRCP and suggested that he should change his attitude at least now.

Babu Lies About Power Charges: MLA Y.Isaiah
Nandikotkuru MLA, Isaiah, criticised Chandrababu's Government for saying lies about electricity charges imposed on SCs. He stated that the ruling party was claiming that power was being given for free until 50 units, but was billing from zero when the usage crossed 50 units. Mentioning that the presence of just a fan and a bulb would take the usage beyond 50 units, he suggested that the Government should increase the limit from 50 to 200 units. He also stated that YSRCP MLAs had walked out of the assembly in protest against the charges being imposed on SCs and STs.
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