The Government neglects its promises

Assembly: Poothalapattu MLA Sunil Kumar criticized that the Government neglected to fulfill the promises it made in its election manifesto. Speaking during the question-answer session in the assembly, he stated that the Government had allotted only 342 houses in 13 constituencies of Chittor district. He said that each constituency got only 27 houses. He questioned how would 27 houses be sufficient for Poothalapattu constituency that had 150 villages.

 Sunil Kumar reminded that TDP manifesto had also mentioned allotment of Rs.5000 for the repair of houses more than 10 years old but that there was no instance of that happening. He condemned ministers’ statements that they would fulfill unannounced promises along with announced promises.

Sunil Kumar also mentioned that the Government had not sanctioned the Rs.15000 promised for the houses damaged in the recent cyclone hitting the district. He also stated that many people were living in fear due to the damaged walls in their houses. He cautioned that the Government had to take action to avoid loss of life in view of the upcoming monsoon season. Sunil Kumar demanded that the Government fulfilled its promises to the poor.


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