Farmers Hit By Demonetisation

Hyderabad, Dec 13: Farmers are severely hit by the demonetization as they are unable to carry out agriculture works in the rabi season with the cash crunch. 

‘Demonetization has an adverse affect on farming sector as it runs on cash economy. They are not getting money from banks or ATMs and small notes are not to be seen while farm hands needs to be paid in cash which is hard in getting,’ party Farmers’ Cell State President MVS Nagi Reddy told reporters here on Tuesday. 

Driving such a big economy into a cashless one is not a wise move as the literacy rate should also be considered and many people in the rural sector are not in tune with smart phones and the apps. Even in advance economies cashless transactions are only a part and not total and it is not possible in our country. 

We demand that the farmers’ plight should be attended to and cash should be made available to them as we are seeing all denomination notes in Malls and big establishments while small and medium farmers are bearing the brunt with lack of cash for agriculture operations, he said.
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