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  • Farmer was honoured
    under YSR’s rule
  • Welfare schemes for
    all those deserving
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Only a few of the
people make a mark in the society. Only a few make for themselves a permanent
place in everybody’s heart. Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhar Reddy is one among
such rare people. In spite of coming from a family with hardly any political
background, he earned a special place for himself in the field. He became one
of his kind and stood as an inspiration for the generations to come. He came to
be acclaimed as a person who stood for his word. Rather than the easier way,
YSR always chose the more difficult but people-benefiting way. Till his last
breath, he worked for the welfare of his people.

A leader who stood for
his word

YSR learnt the
problems of the farmers during his Pada Yatra. To create hope in the lives of
the farmers, he proclaimed that suicide was not a solution to their problems.
He assured them that their loans would be waived. His first signature upon
swearing in as the CM was on the file that granted free electricity for
agriculture. He gave a special honour to the farmer folk during his tenure.

A leader who honoured farmers

YSR once stated in a
meeting that he would complete ‘Jala Yagnyam’ at any cost. He gave importance
to the availability of irrigation water to rural areas. Lakhs of acres received
water due to his effort in Jala Yagnyam projects. He initiated 86 projects and
could complete most of them.

A leader who gave life
to the poor

Aarogyasgree was the
most favoured scheme to YSR. To thepoor who could not get treated for even
small ailments, this scheme helped in getting corporate treatment. Treatment
was given free of cost. Many poor people’s lives were saved due to the scheme.
108, 104 services ensured immediate response to the people in trouble. 108
service attended the needy within 5 minutes of their calling.

A leader who knew what
the people needed

Having started his
career as a medical doctor, YSR could read people’s needs after coming into
politics. He created all the amenities needed for their well-being. He thrived
to make every woman a millionaire. He offered loans for rate of interest as low
as 0.25%. He encouraged DWCRA groups. He made sure 85 lakh people got bank
loans. He enabled poor students to enjoy higher education through fees
reimbursement scheme. To make the poor able to eat food properly, he introduced
the scheme of sale of rice for just Rs.2 per KG. He got Indiramma houses built
for those with no shelter. Through Rajiv Grihakalpa scheme, he sanctioned
houses. YSR also saw that the aged, the handicapped and the widowed women
received pension by the 1st of every month. He was proactive in knowing the
people’s needs even before they could ask for them. 

A leader with a vision

After YSR took charge
as the CM of Andhra Pradesh, he worked hard for the development of the state.
In the five years of his rule, Krishnapatnam, Gangavaram deep water sea ports
were developed. Due to Krishna port, 10,000 megawatt ultra mega power project
became possible. He could mold Visakhapatnam and Tirupati airports into
international airports. He planned to build airports in Kadapa, Nizamabad,
Nellore, Ongole, Kotthagudem, Ramagundam, Kurnool and Warangal. He could bring
Tata helicopter assembling unit in Adibhatla. Many were given Government jobs. Better
healthcare was provided.

A smile that never

YSR was the address of
smiles, to be brief. He was the human form of modesty, affection and tradition.
He used to greet everyone ranging from a party activist to a leader by name. He
is acclaimed to have become a hero after entering politics. He garnered a
permanent place in people’s hearts with his kind heart.


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