Election Commission Responds To Speaker Kodela's Issue

Hyderabad: The Elections Commission of the state has responded to the complaint filed by YSRCP senior leader Ambati Rambabu against the speaker of AP legislative assembly Kodela Siva Prasad Rao's statements about elections expenditure. NTV channel has been instructed to submit the video tapes in which Kodela made the controversial statement.
On the 19th of February, speaking in an interview with NTV, Kodela revealed that he had spent Rs.30,000 in 1983 elections but had to spend Rs.11.50 crore for 2014 elections. After this interview was telecast, Ambati Rambabu filed a complaint with the EC citing Kodela's confession about his expenditure which had violated the EC regulations. Now the EC, in response to the complaint, sent a notice to NTV channel asking for submission of the pertaining video files.

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