Due To Fear Of YSRCP

Tirupati Corporation: YSRCP's General Secretary and former MLA Bhumana Karunakar Reddy opined that TDP Government was scared of holding municipal elections after losing people's trust. YSRCP appointed elections committee in Indiranagar, the 24th division of the city. Bhumana spoke on this occasion and stated that the party had won in Rajya Sabha elections.
Bhumana complained that TDP had tried to nominate a fourth candidate in spite of not having enough strength, in an undemocratic fashion with the help of YSRCP defectors. Later they had withdrawn due to fear of YSRCP, he commented. Bhumana mentioned his efforts for the development of Tirupati city and the solution of local problems. He reminded that none of the MLAs representing Tirupati had ever spoken in the assembly for its betterment. He stated that he had spoken about Tirupati's problems for 6.5 hours in the assembly for 40 times when he was an MLA. He confided that people were eagerly waiting to offer victory to YSRCP candidates whenever corporation elections were held. Bhumana informed that Government surveys had already revealed that 39 out of 50 divisions had favour of YSRCP. Hence, the Government was scared of holding municipal elections, remarked Bhumana.
Participating in the meeting were General Secretary of the party Doddareddy Siddhareddy, Joint Secretary SK Babu, SC Cell General Secretary Rajendra, city's woman president Kusuma, leaders Pullaiah, Chandrasekhar Reddy, Puneeta and Manjula among others.

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