Defection To One's Party Is Deception Towards People

Visakhapatnam (Seethampeta): Andhra Pradesh Information Commissioner P.Vijay Babu stated that the ongoing party defection scenario is slaughtering the democratic system. He opined that it was hilarious to see the public representatives migrating to other parties with the name of development. He remarked that those leaders were not realising that they were actually deceiving the people who had voted for them. Vijay Babu suggested that legal cases could be filed against those leaders who were encouraging party defection under vicarious liability.
Vijty Babu spoke during the round table conference on the subject 'Sankuchita Abhiprayalu-Prantheeya Asamanathalu' (Narrow Opinions-Regional Inequalities) held jointly by Uttarandhra Journalist Front and AP Editors Association. He cautioned that the state of Andhra Pradesh might be at the risk of another bifurcation if regional inequalities continued to exist.

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