Chandrababu’s new tactics

Babu efforts for Bauxite mining

Bypassing in the name of online public opinion survey

Plot to get announcement in his favor

YSRCP intensifies fight in support to tribal

YS Jagan to Chintapalli on 10th

Visakhapatnam: Chandrababu is going ahead adamantly to mine bauxite despite serious protests from tribal people, opposition parties and public unions. He is playing wicked tricks to loot the tribal people. He has come up with a new tactics, announcing an online public opinion survey in the matter of bauxite mining.

It is well known to the readers that the agency area seriously condemned the Government GO 97 giving permission to Bauxite mining. The TDP government took a back step and announced that the GO is temporarily withheld, when YSRCP intensified its fight in support of the tribal people. When the protests against the Government sprang up once again, Chandrababu tried to push that blame on the authorities and tried to tell that the authorities have issued the GO without his knowledge. When his tactics did not work out he released a ‘white paper’ with false information to cover up his mistake.

Now, Chandrababu is trying again searching for alternate ways. He came up with online survey. Instead of collecting tribal people opinion he is trying to collect public opinion in this matter indirectly avoiding the tribal. All this online survey is a drama to fetch survey results in his favor so that he can move ahead with bauxite mining.

Chandrababu is violating the democracy by ignoring the tribal rights. As per 5th schedule, Village meetings should be conducted in Agency Area and without Tribal Advisory Committee resolution doing Bauxite mining in agency area is completely illegal. But Chandrababu Naidu is moving ahead as he like violating all laws. The YSRCP cadre has intensified protest and fight against the GO as per the instructions of the party chief Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy. Y.S.Jagan will be travelling to Chintapalli on the 10th of this month to support the tribal people and to express his solidarity.

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