Chandrababu's life is filled with scandals

Eyes are closed not bothered
about the drought areas

Naidu fools people

Nellore: The leader of
Opposition, YSRCP President fired on Naidu. Naidu is filled with conspiracies
and scandals starting from indicating the drought mandals and other critical
issues. It is a worse situation that still the drought areas are not notified
until the floods destroyed the areas, said Jagan. The report based on this has
to be sent by September 30th however till November 24th it is not yet followed
up and still the process of determining the presence of harsh drought zones is
not ended.

YS Jagan said that reports have already provided by
other states to the Centre by now. Now after serious stabs from the Centre
Naidu suddenly focussed on the drought zones indication. Almost 163 zones are
newly notified as drought zones now, are your eyes closed till now? questioned
Jagan. Jagan said that he has not seen such a person till date who is fooling
the people like anything. Jagan fired on Naidu stating that Naidus life is full
of cheating, lying and conspiracies.

The promises made by Naidu before elections are all
in vain as he could not fulfil even one in the offered promises made to people.
Naidu's schemes such as Loan waiver scheme, jobs for unemployed, unemployment
allowance, almost everything is a fraud involving corruption, said Jagan. With
regard to 2013- 2014 financial year input subsidy promised before elections is
a waste, he said. The input subsidy for the year 2014 - 2015 has been declared
as 736 crores, however not even half is been given, said Jagan. This way he is
fooling people by all means, said Jagan. 

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