Chandrababu showing people Indrajalam and Mayabazaar films

Perecharla: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh assembly and YSR Congress Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy criticised the ruling TDP and said that the state chief minister Chandrababu Naidu was showing Mayabazar (illusory world) to the state farmers and was cheating them. Speaking at a massive public meeting here held on the 125th day of Praja Sankalpa Yatra, he pointed out that just a kilometer from the CM's residence thousands of trucks were transporting sand illegally and asserted that "Chandrababu was not concerned about it as he was busy collecting commissions."

YS Jagan remarked that both Chinna Babu (referring to Lokesh) and Pedda Babu (Chandrababu) were corrupt to the core. "Without their share can thousands of trucks transport sand?" He has been cheating people with his tall claims that the land prices would shoot up after the capital was built. "Thus, he was showing people Indrajalam and Mayabazaar films” and taking them for a ride, he said.

YSRCP President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy addressing the massive public gathering

The YSRCP Chief observed that one day, the AP CM would talk about London, Singapore and Japan, and the next day he would talk about Baahubali settings. Then he would say that AP would be transformed into Singapore. YS Jagan added that the AP CM was just creating confusion in the minds of the general public. "Chandrababu is running a real estate business in the name of the capital. He had made his proxy to purchase land in the capital region for cheap rates. He has been cheating the farmers and such a leader should be jailed. Till date there has been no foundation for a permanent building in the capital," he said.

The Leader of the Opposition pointed out that the farmers who resisted parting with their lands had to face the wrath of the police and the yellow media. He said in the name of capital development, AP CM had gone on 22 foreign trips in the last four years. The farmers who had given away their land for capital development have been given plots in places that do not have any kind of facilities, "while his proxies have been provided compensatory land which have all the facilities like water and drainage system."

YS Jagan said it was not clear if the farmers got back the gold which they pledged in the banks. He pointed that the women's self-help groups were also cheated and were not given loan waivers. The AP CM promised to build a house for every poor man in the state — "how many houses has he built till date?" he asked.

The Opposition Leader accused Chandrababu of lying with regard to the investment and the employment that have been generated through the Partnership Summits held in Visakhapatnam. He said it was shameful of AP CM not to have achieved Special Category Status (SCS) to AP. "In fact he has to be given an Oscar for the way he changed his stance on SCS.

"Why did Chandrababu welcome the Special Package instead of Special Category Status (SCS) to AP when it was announced on September 8, 2016? In fact, he welcomed it and even praised the Centre in the Assembly," he said. YS Jagan told the large gathering that the AP CM was then questioning the use of SCS, pointing at the North East states.

Huge gathering that assembled to listen to their Leader at Perecharla in Guntur district

The YSRCP Chief recalled that when he sat on a protest for eight days, it was disrupted mid-way citing security reasons since the PM was coming. Moreover, when the students were protesting for SCS to AP, the government threatened to book them under PD Act. He questioned as to whether TDP would have moved the no-confidence motion if YSRCP had not done it. Though Chandrababu had stated that TDP would support the no-confidence motion moved by YSRCP if enough support was garnered, he did a complete U- turn in true Chandrababu style.

YS Jagan commented that by calling for an all party meet now, he was enacting yet another drama. He said if 25 MPs resign at a time, the centre would climb down, but Chandrababu was not allowing his MPs to resign because he would be booked for various cases that were pending. "Chandrababu has pledged the SCS for his own benefit," he added.
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