Chandrababu Naidu’s thirst for land pooling will never end!

Poor farmers have been betrayed and lands are occupied by force

30,000 acres of fertile land has been taken away for Capital formation
10, 000 acres of land is about to be taken in the name of tourism
Land pooling is still continued on the name of Quarters for Employees
Hyderabad: Beg, Steal or occupy the land by hook or crook! Any method can be adopted to take away the fertile land from farmers by creating fear in their minds. 30, 000 acres of land is occupied under the name of Capital formation by force from the farmers wherein the urge to occupy lands is never going to end. 10, 000 acres of land is about to be taken in the name of tourism. This is causing damage to the Krishna district farmers and they are thrown to serious trouble. Till now, for the formation of capital, land pooling is done across the South of Krishna river and other Mandals of Guntur district. Now, it is been continued in Krishna district also under the name of tourism and development. Municipal Minister P. Narayana declared a statement in the meeting, that till date 10, 000 acres of land has been occupies towards north of Krishna river, which created terror in the minds of farmers. Apart from these 10, 000 acres of land, other parts of Krishna district such as Kanchikacharla, and some acres in Nandigama region are also planned to be occupied. 

Kanchikacharla, Nandigama Farmers are worried:
It was found that, in order to construct quarters for the Government employees, of Capital, Kanchikacharla and Nandigama areas have been selected. Farmers are desperate and oozing out with anger, when land is assumed to be taken for constructing the quarters for the Government employees apart from the 30000 acres of land for Capital formation. As these two areas are close by to the planned Capital, the people in that area were happy that the price of land in these areas has touched the sky. However, now as the Government has declared that land is to be occupied in their areas, all the localities in that area are worried and depressed. Flyovers are been planned to be constructed by Government, for easy transit between the Capital over Krishna River, Government mentions that it would become easy for the people to move easily between the capital city to Kanchikacharla and Nandigama areas via the bridge. Farmers knowing that even their lands are also being taken away by the Government were in deep sorrow. 

Hidden danger to Vijayawada:
Apart from these areas, they are chances of taking land by Chandrababu Government, around the Vijayawada city. The circumference of the Capital Is upto 225 Sq Km. Now, it has been planned by the government, to increase it to 375 km which would have an effect on many areas.
A new committee has been made by the Government as Capital City Development and Management Committee (CCDMC). It has been observed and declared by few well known Analyzers that based on this there may be chance of occupying lands around Vijayawada also. The CRDA Committee is under the task of verifying the vacant lands available at different places and the places which are comfortable for land pooling and gathering related information. 

Two lakhs Acres of land is to be occupied!
The thirst of occupying lands of Chandrababu Naidu is never ending process. Chandrababu Naidu declared o the Corporate companies of China during his China trip that, there is 2 lakhs acres of land readily available for capital formation which is with full of agreements and without any allegations. He also mentioned that he would take the whole responsibility of the permissions and agreements in any case. This means, that Chandrababu Naidu will definitely occupy the two lakh areas of land which is in link with the Capital in any form. Which still means that it would be further shared to the corporate companies and Fake companies who will become his followers. 

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