Chandrababu losing temper quite often

Hyderabad, Aug 2: YSR Congress has said that Chandrababu Naidu has been facing music after he engineered defections as the Lok Sabha was told that there would be no delimitation.
Party senior leader Tammineni Sitaram told reporters here on Wednesday that after the Centre has categorically stated that there would no delimitation and the question of increase of assembly do not exist Chandrababu Naidu is at a loss for words as he had engineered defections with the promise of more seats.
The assembly seats are created on the basis of population and there would be no increase in the number which was made clear in the Parliament when TDP MP M Murali Mohan had raised the issue.
‘The reply has baffled the TDP circles as it would become difficult to accommodate the turncoats in the 2019 assembly elections who were taken away by Chandrababu Naidu luring them by employing various methods,’ he said.
There is confusion in the ruling camp and the future of 21 defected MLAs hang in a balance as they lost moral right to continue in the legislature.
‘Chakrapani Reddy, who moved from TDP to our Party has shown the way as to how to function within the framework of the democratic principles as he had quit the ruling party to join YSR Congress. We have values and respect democratic principles,’ he said.
Chandrababu Naidu has mortgaged state interests and banked heavily on delimitation and when his hopes were dashed, he started losing temper and started shouting at media and general public quite often which is not in good taste.

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