Chandrababu has no sincerity on SCS

Hyderabad: YSR Congress has said that the true colours of Chanrababu Naidu has once again came to the fore when his efforts to thwart the April 16 bandh had come to the fore and the way in which BJP-TDP had cold-shouldered Special Category Status (SCS) shows their intent. 

Speaking to reporters here on Friday, party spokesperson Ambati Rambabu said, the April 16 bandh call given by YSR Congress, Left Parties, Jana Sena, SCS Sadhana Samithi and various other organistions reflect the mood of the people while Chandrababu Naidu has been making every attempt to scuttle it by passing snide remarks on the bandh. 

While YSR Congress has been relentlessly fighting for the SCS, TDP which joined hands with BJP had made every attempt to water it down. If TDP is so sincere on SCS why not their MPs quit Lok Sabha in protest and seek a fresh mandate, he said. 

TDP should take part in the bandh to prove its sincerity and any attempt to scuttle the bandh will only test the patience of the people. While our party MPs sat on an indefinite fast, TDP MPs after feasting in the Parliament have come out for photo ops as their buffoonery has come to the fore. 

In the final analysis, Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra Modi will be responsible for the denial of SCS, he said.
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