Chandrababu fraud in stopping the funds

The failure of the government

Naidu's work goes in scolding
the officials

Suffering of victims is not
visible to Naidu

Nellore: The leader of
Opposition, YSRCP President, YS Jagan fired on Naidu for neglecting the
suffering of flood victims who lost everything and now are on road. He
mentioned that villages are lost in water however, there is no support from
government. With heavy rains, till date there are many areas surrounded by
water, and no one is bothered to save the people. Jagan questioned the
government that when there is no work for people how can they survive. It is
the government's responsibility to take care of them and demanded 4 - 5
thousand rupees for each house.

YS Jagan continued his second
day tour in Nellore district. He consoled and inquired the farmers of Vakadu,
Venkanna Palem and other regions which lost farm lands and property. In this situation,
victims shared their grief before Jagan. Everyone has the same problem of lack
of shelter, food and support. It is really sad that by looking at this
desperate situations of people, still the government is not responding.  

YS Jagan mentioned that not
even one officer has visited the flood affected areas. Somewhere are the other,
one or two instances are noted and till date not even one victim is given
support. Jagan questioned that, if Naidu is not giving enough funds to
officials, how can they support and work? He said that government completely
failed in giving support to the victims.  Naidu is pushing the frauds made by him on
other officials, commented Jagan.

YS Jagan expressed his grief
that, millions of acres of crops are lost in the floods while the grain are
sprouted, due to which the farmers are not in a situation to sell their crop in
almost many districts such as Chittoor, Nellore, YSR district, East, West and
so on. The fish ponds are also completely damaged. Naidu has betrayed in
providing input pay. YS Jagan commented that the only CM who announced the
drought zones after floods is Naidu alone and he made it clear that YSRCP will never
step back till the victims get justice. 

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