Chandrababu belittles Seema

Kurnool: The YSRCP MLA S.V.Mohan Reddy toured in Kurnool extensively to examine several issues like Roads etc. He blamed that the Kurnool under drainage system is very pathetic. He said that the Government is not paying attention to Kurnool Town issues. He said that Great Leader Y.S.Rajsekhar Reddy allotted Rs.243 crores for constructing protection wall for Tungabhadra & Handri Neeva but that got cancelled as the work was not commenced.

The MLA felt that Chandrababu is belittling Rayalaseema. He blamed that Chandrababu is completely concentrating on the Capital ignoring the development of backward districts. The MLA said that giving subsidies to industries being constructed in Amaravati is injustice, as by doing so industries will not be set up in backward districts.

The YSRCP MLA Jayaram demanded the Government to help the farmers in Aaluru Constituency. He said that the drought inspection team examined six mandals under Aaluru region where the farmers have lost approximately 1.24 lakh acres of crop. He mentioned that the situation is forcing the farmers to migrate from the villages. The MLA blamed that in the past Government has announced four drought mandals but till now justice was not done. He demanded that at least now the Government should take action to help the suffering farmers.

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