Centre castigated for ignoring SKC report

Kakinada (East Godavari dist): Sept
15, 2013: Slamming Congress Party for ignoring the recommendations of Sri Krishna
Committee that division of the state is not viable and it will spark protests,
YSR Congress has said, the matter would not have come to such a pass had YSR
been alive.

“YSR had
stood like a shield between the demand and deed of separation of the State. He
undertook development activities in all regions and steered Congress to victory
against the combined opposition of TRS, TDP and other divisible forces.

development plank was well received while the separatist ideology took a back
seat. After his death the forces that do not want to see his legacy to continue
and the forces that do not want a strong leader to emerge in the state of YSR
stature are conspiring to divide the state for their political gains, Sharmila
said while addressing a public meeting as part of her Samaikya Shankaravam here
on Saturday.

Krishna Committee that has toured the entire state for one year and has given
its report against the division of the State was ignored by the Congress and
has decided to divide the state for gaining seats in one region with the hope
to see Rahul Gandhi as Prime Minister.

Congress under YSR term has been a role model state of Congress governance, the
present Chief Minister, who was promoted by YSR, has been playing hide-and seek
on the issue. While the NGOs are on strike the Government is sticking to its No
work, no pay rule. We demand that the salaries should be paid to the NGOs
immediately and YSR Congress expresses its solidarity with the NGOs on strike
for a united state, she said.

“If this
government fails to pay the salaries, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy will be the next
Chief Minister and the employees will get the salaries and one month bonus as
well,” she said.

leader N Chandrababu Naidu had given a letter on October 18, 2008 giving his
nod for the division of the state and the all forces that would benefit out the
divided state and stand to lose if the state is united have come together to
split the state without considering the sentiments of the people, she said.

has decided to divide the state without considering the core issues of water
sharing and capital formation. We get water only after the needs of the upper
riparian states of
Maharashtra and Karnataka
are fulfilled. If another state comes in between where will Srisailam and
Nagarjunasagar get water from?

government has been announcing that it will accord national status to Polavaram
but when a new state emerges how it will get the
Godavari waters, she asked. We were asked to leave Madras
and now wanted us to leave
We are part of the development of

and building such a city in ten years is not easy.

With the
share of revenue being high, the new state will be at a loss for implementing
the welfare schemes and launching new ones as there will be financial crunch.

Minister, who is aware of the developments beforehand, has maintained silence
only to safeguard his post. Had he resigned immediately after the announcement
of the separate state, things would not have come so far, she said adding that
YSRCP MLAs and MPS had quit ahead of the CWC decision and wrote innumerable
letters to

to stall the decision.

parties, YSRCP, MIM and CPI (M) are opposed to the division while five parties,
Congress, TDP, TRS, BJP and CPI are in favour of the division.

Nadu who has given the letter supporting a separate state is speaking as an
integrationist. If he withdraws the letter he has written to the centre
endorsing the division and quits the posts along with other leaders, his slogan
for a united state will carry some weight, she said.

“YSRCP reiterates
its demand that the State should be united as the Centre is unable to do
justice to both regions. It has lost the moral right to divide the State when
it cannot solve the issues.”

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