Can Dalits Not Live In AP?

Visakhapatnam: YSRCP's SC cell state president, Meruga Nagarjuna, complained that the Government was trying to create a situation where Dalits could not live in AP. Criticising that TDP had neglected the welfare of the Dalits, he spoke to the media at Visakhapatnam on Saturday.
Reminding how Chandrababu had promised to offer a job for every household during his election campaign, he mentioned that not a job had been given. Blaming Babu of oppressing Dalits' rights, he commented that Dalits' lands had been forcefully snatched in capital area in the name of capital construction. He also remarked that not a cent of land had been given away in the 2.5 years of TDP rule.
Meruga complained that TDP had been allocating funds insufficiently to SC-ST sub-plan and not been spending it for Dalits properly either. He slammed the GO brought by Babu saying that the funds under these plans could be used for other purposes. He also condemned watering down SC-ST atrocity cases.
Mentioning that Dalit students were not being given scholarships and welfare hostels were being shut down, he slammed the MLAs who were supposed to question Chandrababu's atrocities towards Dalits, for joining TDP instead. He opined that such leaders were answerable to the people who had voted for them.
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