Belittling the Farmers

Guntur: The YSRCP senior Leader, Mopi Devi Venkata
Ramana fumed on the Chief Minister, Chandrababu Naidu as they are belittling
the farmers. He spoke to media at his residence in Nizam patnam of Guntur
District. Farmers are presently in a confused state to start the crop or not
and even the Agricultural department is also not supporting them and failed in
giving correct information related to it, stated Mopi Devi. The State
Government failed in giving the minimum moral support to farmers, said Mopi
Devi Venkata Ramana. He also commented that the Chandrababu Naidu is only
bothered about the Capital and no way bothered about the farmers. He also said
that the farmers are not even supported by Banks with loans as they could not
pay the old loans
. In this situation,
the farmers are in a dilemma and  suffering stated Mopi Devi Venkata

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