Babu is Supervising the Corruption

  • Fibre optic contract stinks
  • Rs.330 crore contract to Babu’s
  • Leader of opposition YS Jagan
    uncovers Tera company’s face

Hyderabad: YSRCP
president and leader of opposition YS Jagan uncovered the real face of fibre
optic grid project. He explained how this arrangement was being done in view of
getting hold of all the television channels in the state. After CM Chandrababu
Naidu’s speech, leader of opposition YS Jagan spoke regarding this issue.

YS Jagan described the fibre optic cable
issue as a programme to give away Rs.330 crore of people’s money to Babu’s
allies. The state Government had put Tera software company in black list for failing
to arrange e-pass machinery to cheap stores in public distribution system. YS
Jagan questioned how the fibre grid project could be given to such a
blacklisted company. He explained that the owners of this company had close
relations with the owners of Heritage Foods. He reminded that Hari Krishna
Prasad who was supervising this company had earlier been caught stealing
Electronic Voting Machines.

YS Jagan mentioned that the Government
had appointed a high level committee to finalize tenders for fibre grid work.
Vemuri Hari Krishna Prasad was one of the members of the committee. He had Tera
Media Cloud Solutions under his control and this was a sister company of Tera
Software Ltd. Hari Krishna Prasad used his influence to get the work assigned
to his organizations, explained YS Jagan. Moreover, Devineni Sitaram, the
director of Heritage Foods, worked as the director of this Tera Software till
September 2014. This was enough to understand what kind of relations
Chandrababu had with these organizations, YS Jagan remarked. He complained that
Babu was watching this corruptive act from a very close distance.

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