Babu Is Behaving Like A Beggar

  • Babu trashing the
    state’s benefits
  • AP mortgaged at the
    feet of Modi
  • Cock and bull stories
    narrated in the past two years
  • State deteriorating
    due to Babu’s ways: Ambati Rambabu

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s official
spokesman Ambati Rambabu complained that Chandrababu, in spite of being the CM
of the state to protect its benefits, had been behaving like a beggar and
mortgaging the benefits to the centre. He criticised that Babu had miserably
failed to get the promises mentioned in the reorganization act realised, in
spite of TDP being a partner in the alliance at the centre. He mentioned how
the state had deteriorated due to the robbery committed by Chandrababu and
Lokesh. Ambati suggested that Babu fought with the centre at least now for the
funds and the rights deserved by the state, speaking to the media at the party’s
central office at Lotus Pond in Hyderabad.

This is what he spoke

  • It has been half of the tenure time since Babu and Modi came to power.
    But nothing saw progress.
  • What has happened to the promises about capital city and Polavaram? Babu
    and Modi together took the responsibility of their construction.
  • Chandrababu and Lokesh are too busy robbing the state, to bother about
    the state’s development.
  • The state is being
    insulted by Chandrababu’s act of mortgaging its benefits at the centre.
  • It has been learnt
    that crores of rupees of funds were announced in 1976. It is ironic. How can a
    divided state have future?
  • While the centre is
    throwing away funds like alms, Chandrababu is collecting them shamelessly, much
    to the dismay of the people of the state.
  • It is surprising for
    Babu to say that the centre has to come to the aid of the state that was once
    deceived by Congress. Babu has the responsibility to convince the centre. He is
    pretending to be a foe of BJP and not a friend.
  • The centre has to
    dutifully release the funds that it has to. It is not reasonable to not
    implement the things mentioned in the act.
  • Polavaram project was
    declared as a national project and three independence days have passed since.
    Still Babu is narrating cock and bull stories.
  • Babu is neither ready
    to ask the centre himself nor is he ready to form an all-party team with us. Moreover,
    he mocks the opposition party for making the proposal of a collective effort.
  • YSRCP is only bothered
    about people’s benefit. It does not compromise in the issue.
  • It is shameless of
    Babu to beg from the centre. People did not elect him to beg for alms. He is
    causing insult to the people of the state with his behaviour.
  • Has Chandrababu
    forgotten what he said when Congress wanted to bifurcate the state? He said the
    capital city’s construction would take Rs.4-5 lakh crore if the state was
    divided. Now they just gave Rs.2500 crore and he is dumbstruck to ask.
  • Reorganisation act
    mentioned that deficit would be covered by the centre. It is not a mercy. The state
    deserves its implementation.
  • Due to the lack of
    consistency between the various reports of deficit budget Babu sent to the
    centre from time to time, the centre came to a conclusion that Babu was lying
    and declared it would sanction whatever it wished to sanction, finally giving
    the state just Rs.3379 crore.
  • The centre does not
    trust Chandrababu anymore. Rs.1050 crore was announced for backward districts
    and Rs.450 crore for the capital city, but it was never physically sanctioned.
  • Chandrababu is
    spending all the sanctioned money on his own luxuries and commissions.
  • Being on the verge of
    being called a corrupted CM means an insult to the whole state.
  • Chandrababu cannot get
    meagre funds and deceive people.
  • In the past three
    years, only Rs.8,370 crore has been sanctioned for backward districts, revenue
    deficit, capital city and polavaram together. It is unfortunate for the centre
    to forget its lawful duty, Polavaram project. It alone demands Rs.36,000 crore.
  • Babu and Modi are
    trying to bury the matter of Polavaram, in spite of water experts warning about
    AP being on the verge of becoming a desert.
  • Promises like special
    category status and special package as well as those mentioned in the reorganization
    act should be implemented.


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