Atrocities Towards Dalits Shall Not Be Tolerated


: YSRCP MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, extended his support to Dalits and cautioned the Government against showing atrocious behaviour towards them. Owing to not celebrate the festival while those who trusted him suffered in jail, he held an agitation.

Mentioning how the police had misused their power to arrest innocent Dalits, Chevireddy shunned the festival despite the arrival of his children from Singapore and Chennai.

Two groups belonging to TDP entered into quarrel at Pudipatla near Naravaripalle on Thursday. As Mani, a Dalit was on his way home with his family, minister Galla's followers attacked them. When the victims complained to the police about the incident at Muthyalareddypalli police station, no case was filed. Moreover, Mani was arrested on Friday along with his family. Chevireddy reached Mutyalareddypalle police station and sat down there, demanding justice for the innocent Dalit family of his constituency. Indicating that he would not tolerate police atrocities happening under the pressure of the ruling party leaders, he led the dharna, supported by a huge number of YSRCP leaders and activists.

District party president, Narayana Swamy, cautioned that a district-wide agitation would be held if case was not registered. He and the MLA sat down and demanded that justice was done. Then as per the complaint given by Mani's relative, Siddhamuni, on early hours of Saturday, Sudha Yadav, Ravindra, Venkatamuni, Gundluru Siva and Eshwaraiah were arrested.

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