Ambiguity marks copy cat Naidu's Yatra

Amid allegations by various political parties that his
117-day ‘Meekosam Vastunna’ Padayatra is only aimed at regaining political
power, the copycat TDP president N. Chandrababu Naidu continued his yatra on
the second day on Wednesday in Ananthapuram district trying to know the
people’s problems but without explaining how he will solve them.

On the first day of his Yatra, Naidu said his Yatra is
aimed at exhorting people to rebel against the Government which has failed on
all fronts.

On one hand, Naidu said he would try to know the people’s
problems through his Yatra and on the other, he revealed his mind to lead the
people to rebel against the Government. Though everyone would agree that this Government
is a non-functioning Government, Naidu has failed to explain about the
rebellion he has in mind.

Naidu no doubt took a leaf out of the late CM YSR’s book
of Padayatra in embarking on his present power-mongering trip but the former
chief minister has miserably failed to come out with proper solutions to the
plethora of problems the state is pushed into.

What form of
support will Naidu extend?

Reports have indicated that Naidu, on his second day, has
promised people he would stand by the poor and his Yatra is aimed at doing
justice to the poor. But he didn’t give any assurances on how he would stand by
the poor and how his Yatra would do justice to them.

At one or two places, Naidu has said he was inspired by
NTR and would introduce more welfare programmes if came to power but failed to
spell out the welfare programmes he has in mind. 

YSRCP’s stand

The first two days of Naidu’s Yatra has confirmed the
assertions of YSRCP leaders that the former chief minister is only intending to
regain the lost political power through his ‘Meekosam Vastunna’yatra as he
failed to come out with any solution to the nagging problems the people are

(Updated on Oct,03,2012)

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