Amaravathi Is The Victim Of Destruction

  • Babu’s aim is to steal
    and save for his son
  • Not no.1 coolie but the
    no.1 CM of luxuries
  • Bypassing Modi in
    foreign trips
  • What is in the cases
    transported by flights?:Ambati Rambabu

Hyderabad: YSRCP’s official spokesman Ambati
Rambabu questioned why Chandrababu’s family had been staying in 7-star hotel,
given his statements calling himself the no.1 coolie of the state. He asked how
one can be a coolie while spending hundreds of crores of people’s money on
foreign trips and luxuries. He called for a self-check by Babu.

What is the record of
investments earned till date?

Ambati mentioned how
Chandrababu kept bluffing about going abroad frequently for earning investments
for the state and questioned how much amount had been gathered as investments till
date. He demanded explanation for how the state was getting investments while
India, as a country, was not able to get as many.

Busier than Modi

Ambati remarked that
Chandrababu had bypassed Narendra Modi in foreign trips. He asked what had
happened to the investments Japan had promised to the state, as mentioned
earlier by Babu. He called the countries’ acceptance to write MoMs with Babu as
castles in the air. He inquired about the Rs.1,50,000 crore that Babu claimed
to have been coming to the state at the time of conduction of partnership
summit in Visakhapatnam.

To get investments or
to save the stolen?

Babu had been frequently
visiting countries like China, Japan, Singapore and Daos not to get investments
but to save the money he had robbed from the state, remarked Ambati. He
questioned why Babu was always flying in special planes with suit cases. He
wondered why the centre was not inquiring about hhis journeys abroad, bypassing
the PM of the country. He opined that Chandrababu’s behaviour seemed to be
dangerous for the country.

Rejection of special status and begging for

Ambati mentioned that
investments would come on their own if the situation in the state seemed
suitable for them and the situation could be made better with special status. He
criticised Babu for rejecting the provision of special status and running for
alms from other countries.

Ambati commented that
the police were being put under control by the ruling party to in turn control
the businesspeople and threaten them from investing in the state. He mentioned
that IAS officers advised against Swiss challenge system but Babu was adamant on
implementing it. He suggested Babu to stop building castles in the air and stop
ill-treating the businesspeople of the country and driving them away.

Singaporians are not
going to get mud and sand, are they?

Ambati slammed Babu’s
comments that Telugu contractors would build a capital that would look like a slum
area. He questioned if Singaporean contractors would get labourers, sand, mud
and other resources from their country. He remarked that Babu was destroying
Amaravathi with his craze for foreign contractors. He stated that Babu’s greed
for commissions was stopping him from offering contracts to Indians. He opined
that Babu’s main aim was to steal as much as he could for his son.

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