NRI fans pay homage to YSR

Los Angeles, Sept 2, 2012: Hundreds of YSR fans in Los Angeles fondly paid their reverence to the late chief minister Dr. YSR on the eve of his third Vardhanti. 

Dr. YSR Fans’ Club organized a special programme at the Los Angeles Mission premises on the occasion where 1000 people were served with fresh and hot meals in memory of YSR. The programme was arranged under the leadership of Veera Reddy Nandyala, president of the club. 

The programme gains importance as it was conducted in the premises of the Los Angeles Mission which is well known internationally for its activities like poor feeding, conducting de-addiction camps and providing shelter to the homeless. 

The Mission also specializes in guiding the qualified students and helping them choose their career through its student counselors. 

“We feel proud in serving meals to the needy in memory of Dr YSR and it was really a great opportunity for us,” said Veera Reddy during the course of the programme. He said they would conduct more such programmes in future with active support of friends and followers to make YSR immortal. 

The entire event was sponsored by Dr Prem Reddy Family Foundation which was established by well known cardiologist Dr. Prem Reddy in 1986 to serve the needy. Launched with the motto ‘Lend a helping hand’, the foundation has donated more than $ 350 million towards health care and other programmes till date. 

“The death of YSR might have separated us physically but our hearts are united and our friendship has no boundaries,” said Dr. Prem Reddy, a true friend of YSR. 

Telugu Association of Southern California President Elect Nageshwar rao, NATA Advisory council Dharma Reddy Gummadi, Raja Kesi Reddy, Mallik R Bonthu, Veerababu, Devarakonda Nag and Sudheer Obulam participated in the YSR memorial social service. 

Veera Reddy Nandyala thanked one and all who supported the event and participated in the programme.

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