*'Vote for CM Jagan again in 2024 if you want social empowerment to continue', says Minister Usha Sricharan*

After receiving a thunderous response to the 'Samajika Sadhikara Yatra' during the first phase, the YSRCP resumed Phase-II of their social empowerment bus yatra with three massive rallies in Sri SatyaSai district's Hindupur, Guntur's Ponnur, and Srikakulam's Narasannapet. YSRCP's prominent leaders toured the three assembly constituencies across the three zones, spreading the message of social empowerment, justice, and development brought by CM Jagan.


After participating in a slew of events, the leaders addressed the massive public gathering in Hindupur. Lok Sabha MP Nandigama Suresh, Rajya Sabha MP R Krishnaiah, Ministers Usha Sricharan and Gummanur Jayaram, District President M Shankar Narayana, Deputy CM Amzath Basha, former MP Butta Renuka, and Assembly Incharge Deepika showered praises on CM Jagan for his reformative leadership.


Speaking at the event, YSRCP District President and MLA Shankara Narayana lauded Chief Minister Jagan, stating, "He actively involved BC, SC, ST, and minority communities in key positions of power, marking a historic era in governance." While Deputy CM Amzath Basha expressed gratitude to CM Jagan, stating, "CM Jagan empowered all socially and financially backward communities by giving them adequate respect, resources, and opportunities." He urged support for the social empowerment yatra, calling it a "triumphant march for the BC, SC, ST, and Minority communities."


Basha highlighted that under YS Rajasekhar Reddy's tenure, minorities in the state were given an unprecedented 4 percent reservation, but it is under CM Jagan that they have truly benefited from the reservation. He further mentioned, "CM Jagan increased access to higher education for our kids, ensuring they not only receive world-class education but also reach the US."


He emphasized that the social empowerment yatra is not just a bus yatra but a victory march for BC, SC, ST, and minorities. Basha mentioned that he never dreamt of becoming the Deputy CM as he belonged to the minority community.


Minister Usha Sricharan credited the YSRCP government for providing "real self-respect for BCs" and urged voters to choose CM Jagan for "decentralizing power across communities and castes." She emphasized that the "YSRCP is the only party in the state that has served everyone irrespective of their caste, religion, and regions, providing welfare schemes even to members of the opposition TDP. Our government made Backward classes the backbone classes."


Drawing a contrast between how Balakrishna treated BCs in Hindupur and how CM Jagan did, she said, "To ensure that the BCs could thrive and live with self-respect in the state, it is imperative that Jagananna returns as the Chief Minister again. The choice is clear for people in Hindupur, either vote for TDP's Balakrishna, known for suppressing voices and exploiting backwards, or vote for Jagananna, the leader who has brought welfare to our doorstep."


As the 2024 elections approach, Minister Usha Sricharan predicted that CM Jagan's commitment to the welfare of all citizens, especially BC, SC, ST, and minorities, would resonate across the state, and CM Jagan would come back to power with a massive mandate.



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