Pawan Kalyan politicising Vengaiah death issue 


Amaravati, Jan 24: YSRCP Giddalur MLA Anna Rambabu reiterated that he had nothing to do with the suicide of Jana Sena party leader Vengaiah and blamed Pawan  Kalyan  for making false allegations against him and politicising the  issue.


Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, MLA Rambabu condemned the remarks made by Jana Sena chief Pawan Kalyan for making him responsible for the suicide of Jana Sena activist Bandla Vengaiaha Naidu. He questioned why Pawan Kalyan was not believing even after Vengaiah's family members repeatedly saying that he did not commit suicide because of his blasphemy. If Pawan Kalyan does not trust the family, they can undergo narcotics tests, he said. 


He stated that it was irresponsible of Pawan Kalyan to criticize him without knowing what was going on at the field level. MLA Anna Rambabu questioned Pawan Kalyan why he didn't respond or question about the atrocities that took place during Chandrababu's reign.  He asked why Pawan Kalyan did not come out either in the Vanajakshi case or when Rishiteshwari committed suicide at Nagarjuna University and why he remained silent when Chandrababu illegally took away 23 YSRCP MLA's into their party. He criticized Pawan Kalyan for acting like a covert of Chandrababu Naidu.


MLA Anna Rambabu has challenged Pawan Kalyan to contest in Giddalur and stated that he would surrender in court voluntarily if one could prove his involvement in the Vengaiah's suicide. In case of Pawan Kalyan loses, he dared him to shut down his party.

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