Massive Show Of Strength as YSRCP's Samajika Sadhikara Yatra Phase 2 Kick-Starts

Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao: Transformation in hospitals and schools around you is proof of Jagan's good governance

The second phase of the YSRCP's Samajika Sadhikara Yatra kick-started with full fervour in three constituencies with massive rallies in Srikakulam's Narasannapeta assembly constituency, Sri Satya Sai's Hindupur assembly constituency, and Guntur's Ponnur assembly constituency. 


In Narasannapeta constituency of Srikakulam District, prominent leaders from Uttar Andhra including Speaker Tammineni Sitaram, Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao, Animal Husbandry Minister Seediri Appalaraju, and local MLAs participated at the public meeting organized at the old bus stand in Narasannapeta. 


Speaking at the public meeting, Revenue Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao said, "CM Jagan is running an effective welfarist regime. If one takes a look at the transformative changes that have taken place in the state be it in the form of hospitals or schools around you, you will know how CM Jagan has always stood by the poor and granted them access to quality education and healthcare, something that was missing when Chandrababu Naidu was the chief minister." 


The Minister added, "Jagan has turned the poor into millionaires overnight by bringing in the revolutionary law giving them full land rights.”


Furthermore, Speaker Tammineni Sitaram said, "CM Jagan's reign is based on the promise of providing corruption-free and righteous governance, raising the living standards of the people. Welfare schemes are being given to the people based on qualifications, and even those who have worked as agents of TDP are given benefits if they fulfil the said criteria." 


He highlighted how the TDP leaders have committed scams by diverting people's money into their own accounts but CM Jagan is depositing money directly into people's accounts to support the poor. He also explained that the GDP of the state has increased like never before and this was only due to CM Jagan's visionary and efficient governance.


Minister of Animal Husbandry Seediri Appalaraju highlighted how Tammineni Sitaram had the privilege to be appointed as Speaker irrespective of his BC background. "Opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu did not even come to sit on the seat when Tammineni Sitaram was given the post of Speaker. People should not forget how time and again Chandrababu Naidu has insulted the BCs. On the other hand, there is CM Jagan who has boosted their self-dignity."

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