"Jagananna Gorumudda" from January 28

AMARAVATI: Andhra Pradesh state government has announced that Mid-day meal scheme will be implemented in all the government schools in AP with a changed meal menu from Tuesday, Janauary 28 as per the decision taken by chief minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy. The scheme will be named as "Jagananna Gorumudda".

Speaking at the Assembly proceedings on Tuesday, AP CM spoke about the changes which were made to mid-day meals scheme to provide quality and healthy food to the students of the state. The menu of food items is designed to serve a variety of food items rich in proteins and nutrients which will be served on a regular basis to all the students in government schools.

The state government decided to serve Chickpea for three days along with egg for five days. Managers will be paid Rs. 135 per One Kilogram of Chickpea and each student will be given 25 grams of Chickpea.

AP CM said that the state government has conducted workshops and educated all the concerned officers on the new menu at district and zonal level.


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