YSRCP's Protest Is A Grand Success

Hyderabad: The protests held by YSRCP against the Government's negligence towards the problems of drought, drinking water scarcity, unavailability of fodder for cattle and other agricultural problems prevalent in the state has become a huge success. A huge number of people and followers voluntarily participated in the protests in various places.

As soon as Chandrababu came into power, the problem of drought has naturally taken charge. Importantly, this summer is recorded to be very hot, giving way to drinking water scarcity in many places. It is hard for the cattle to find grass to feed on and water to drink. The farmers ara, thus, facing a lot of problems. The Government that is supposed to stand by them at such a tough situation decided to stay ignorant of them.
The opposition YSRCP took the responsibility of questioning the Government on behalf of the people. It has conducted state level agitation in order to remind the Government of its forgotten responsibility.
Agitation was held in front of mandal offices like Tehsildar's office and mandal parishad office. Leaders and activists of YSRCP held empty water pots to show their protest. They raised awareness among people regarding water situation in the state and thr Government's indifference to it.
People suffering from hot summer temperatures with lack of water responded positively to this protest. Agitation happened in every corner of the districts. Particularly, the protests led by the leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan at Macharla of Guntur district received great response. Streets of Macharla were filled with people and followers raising slogans in favour of the people's leader. Headquarters of various mandals also saw the same spirit. A huge number of people and followers took part in the protests.
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