YSRCP state-wide bandh in protest against the harassment of students

Kadapa: The call for the bandh by the YSR Congress in Kadapa was
successful. It was demanded that the responsibility for the suicide of two
students should be taken by the Narayana College Administration and right
action should be taken on the Naryana college Admin and Minister Naraya has to
be arrested in relation to this incident. As a part of concern bandh was
proposed and followed in Kadapa. Other educational institutions also followed
the path of bandh.

Voluntary support by People: People in Kadapa voluntarily supported the bandh based on the
call given by the YSR Congress party. Offices and Business centres, shops and
business managements were remained closed. Even colleges and schools did not
work while the people supported the strike.

Educational Institutions bandh: Based on the call for the bandh by the YSRCP students Wing
educational institutions were kept closed. Road shows were organized by
boycotting classes in Schools and colleges. They raised their voices to stop
the exploitation done by the Corporate Institutions.

Over reaction of Police: The police over reacted to the Bandh held in Kadapa. The leaders
of YSRCP were arrested while they were fighting for justice. Mayor Suresh Babu
and MLA, Amjad Basha were house arrested. The police showered their anger on
the Educational institutions division, student's section of YSRCP. They behaved
against the democratic rights. They obstructed the bandh supported by the local

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